Hyundai Veloster Custom Taillights

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****1 Quantity is 1 Set/Pair****

**Authorized Illumaesthetic Installer**

-You can use your own set or a used set from ebay. Have them shipped to my address please.

-Pictures above are customers and/or examples of how they can look like.

- Designed to fit using OEM cores

- Some wiring is needed for installation 

Whats included:

• Completed taillights with wires exposed behind the taillights for quick installation.

 • Will need basic wiring knowledge for Installation or can take it to a reliable automotive shop.

Parts used:

•All leds and boards are from Illumaesthetic, quality parts made for this specific use.

•Computer modules by Ghozt Lighting (if the build


• IF CHOOSING CUSTOM OPTION: Please email us your desired custom design (use the blank photo as a template) OR contact us when placing your order so we can work with you regarding the design. 


- All of our tail light modifications are meant for OFF-ROAD USE ONLY. Please refer to your local laws and regulations to see if this is permitted for street use in your area. 

- We are NOT liable to any damage this product causes from installation or it's use. The taillights will be tested for couple days before being send to the customer.

 - 6 month warranty against all sealing/moisture/Labor/LED defects (Buyers cover shipping, also warrenty starts date of shipment to customer)

- Will NOT be liable for used taillights lenses. Use lenses will have Dry/stress cracks, opening them might cause the lenses to crack more or completely break. 

***Completing the purchase is aggreeing to all terms above***